Web Development with Clojure [PDF]

Build Bulletproof Web Apps with Less Code

Web Development with Clojure

Web Development with Clojure


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If the usual patchwork of web development tools and languages just isnt cutting it for you, you need Web Development With Clojure. Clojure gives you the rich infrastructure of the JVM with the expressive power of a modern functional language. It combines excellent performance with rapid development–and you can exploit these virtues for web app development. With step-by-step examples, youll learn how to harness that power and richness to build modern web applications.

Modern web development needs modern tools. Web Development With Clojure shows you how to apply Clojure programming fundamentals to build real-world solutions. Youll develop all the pieces of a full web application in this powerful language. If you already have some familiarity with Clojure, youll learn how to put it to serious practical use. If youre new to the language, the book provides just enough Clojure to get down to business.

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